Bordeaux — Daimler Financial Services

Deeply Rooted – We created this motto for the World Partner Forum 2018 in Bordeaux – and enjoyed developing a Corporate Design for this event which does not only represent the one thing you connect with Bordeaux right away: wine. While this is a deeply rooted tradition in Bordeaux, the awakened „Sleeping Beauty“ has so much more to offer. Graphic elements were handwritten (literally handdrawn, in our backyard); the Key Visual consists of dancing letters. The invitation was a flip-box which only upon turning the wheel revealed the destination of the year. A recipe with baking forms for canelés served as gentle reminder to register, and of course, as our tradition has it, we again created the book „Nice to meet you“ – with special encounters, wonderful stories, new facts and figures and a lot of intel on this city of wine – which is a city of so much more. During the event itself the guests encountered our Event Design through the signage, the stage design for the business lectures, good night letters, give-aways, menu cards – and more. The highlight: our film we made as a restrospective of the last World Partner Forums, shown on the huge screen of the opera!

Bordeaux, Merci!


Product Design

Fotos: Michael Pfeiffer