Abhati Suisse

India meets Switzerland. The Abhati product line combines both of these worlds and is raising the bar to create a better and more beautiful world: Each product does its fair share to finance the education of girls in India! We support this project by gifting our time and dedication wholeheartedly. The creative overall responsibility was consigned to us, including the naming of the brand and products, corporate design, product design, web design and all photographical concepts.  The body care line draws upon names of Indian lakes, whereas the names of the hair products derive from Indian rivers. When thinking of the product design, we took the packaging idea of our Abhati candle further: roaming around on a street market in Mumbai, a keepsake wrapped in a sheet of an old newspaper. The typography is laid out in a strict Swiss grid. Indian patterns are nestled up against the bottles, colours were introduced to the newest product line of Shampoo Bars. This amalgamation was also continued in the look of the new shampoo and conditioner tubes made from sustainable sugar cane. The roughness of the stones complements the smooth texture of the liquid care and at the same time symbolises the power of Swiss nature. For us, the perfect combination of these two worlds.


Product Design

Photos: Tom Medici & Michael Pfeiffer